At the heart of Climb Bentonville is our setting team… a creative, dedicated, and hard working crew who provides our gyms with some of the best setting in the region! Lead by our Director of Route Setting, Jonathan Brandt, our team works tirelessly 5 days/week stripping, cleaning, resetting, and forerunning every single climb to provide fun, rewarding challenges for our members and guests! Each of our setters has their own unique style that is evident in each of the moves they set.

At Climb Bentonville, we are proud to have a team of setters that truly love what they do, and they see every day of setting as an opportunity to get creative, have some fun, and create routes that push our climbers to be the best they can be. Read on to learn a little bit about who our setters are, what makes them tick!


Born and raised in good ol' Atlanta, Georgia; Jonathan moved to Nashville in October 2015 to assume the roll of Head Route Setter of our setting crew. Jonathan currently holds his USAC Level 4 route setting certification, has set for numerous local, regional, and national championships across the country, and has both won and judged in the past few Setter Showdown competitions for international route setters.


As a thoroughbred northerner transplanted to the south, I quickly discovered a deep, profound (and sometimes inappropriate) love for Dixieland. I mean, how could I not love this place? Y’all got southern cooking, warmer weather, and hands down the best rock climbing in the country. I primarily sport climb, but it’s not unusual to see me placing widgets while on the sharp end. You will rarely find me bouldering outdoors for the simple reason that I dislike pain and failure, two things I experience ad infinitum every time I try to wrestle pebbles.