We offer a variety of yoga and meditation classes on a weekly basis led by our incredible yoga staff. Read through the following descriptions to see some of the different types of classes you can experience at Climb Bentonville!


In this class we embark on a journey of continual, challenging, and creative motion that promotes strength and flexibility all while quieting the mind. Each dynamic pose is linked with the breath to invoke sweat, spirit and a new found appreciation for our own power. All levels welcome, but come ready to work. There is definitely something for everyone!


Join us on the mat for a well-balanced and invigorating flow as we unite the breath with mindful body movement. Each class will build heat, endurance, flexibility and strength. These classes are appropriate for first-time yoga students, as well as those looking to deepen their yoga practice.


Slow, mindful movements improves our muscles ability to lengthen and build strength by allotting enough time to relax into each pose. Using meticulously-sequenced poses and breathing techniques we move deeper into areas where we all hold tension - the hips, shoulders, low back. By allowing more time in each posture, this class will leave you feeling open, stretched, grounded and rejuvenated.


Yoga Fundamentals is like taking a mini workshop! Each class is designed around one yoga pose and focuses on the fundamentals of that pose in the body. Spend the first half of the class warming up and preparing the body for the pose and the second half getting into the pose, adjusting, modifying and finding correct alignment. All levels welcome.


The best of both worlds! The first half of class will be spent building heat, linking mindful breathing with each powerful position and encouraging a deeper release into each pose. Afterwards, we flow seamlessly into a well deserved restorative yoga session designed to leave you refreshed and blissfully balanced at its completion.


Come and join us for a 30 minute practice of intentional reflection, systematic relaxation and mindful breathing; followed by silent seated meditation. Spending time developing the inner practices of Yoga is the next step after Asana (physical postures) and can be a powerful tool along your Yoga journey.